Windmere Serendipity

"Bitsy" at her first weekend ever of shows, pictured at 16 mos. of age.

"Bitsy" Windmere Serendipity is one of our homebred girls sired by our boy "Hunter" and out of "Taylor". She had been living with her co-owner in a pet home for the past year. After seeing how beautiful she had matured, I knew I had to get her back. I took her out for training and to see if she would show at all... well show she did!! And absolutely loves the show ring! Some dogs are just "born showdogs" and she is definately proving that! We are extremely happy to  have her back and expect great things from her once she matures and gets her adult coat in! She has a beautiful body with gorgeous flowing movement, a pretty neck and outline, and a beautiful face and expression. And of course that "look at me" attitude!  A true story of the "Ugly Duckling" turning into a "Beautiful Swan", and thus the perfect name "Windmere Serendipity!"  

"Bitsy" as a baby!

Windmere Serendipity

Shield Crest Investigator

Kellcrest Wynward Prodigy

CH Rosmoor Protocol

CH Pop Star SS of Northern Farm

CH Rosmoor Rapture II

Apple Acres Olympic Gold

CH Apple Acres Mardi Gras ROM

Apple Acres gold N' Delicious

CH Shield Crest I Have the Look

CH Shield Crest He's No Rookie, CD

CH Mystix Quote Unquote

Shield Crest Vienetta

CH echowyn Color Bi Moonlight

CH Apple Acres Odyssey Armani ROM

CH Echowyn Soft Colors

Windmere White Diamonds

CH Blue Heavens Final Act

CH Apple acres Standing Ovation

CH Apple Acres Mardi Gras

Apple Acres Foolin Around

Biss CH Blue Heavens Kaltrav Ashley,ROM

CH Apple Acres Odyssey Armani ROM

Daystar's Indigo Blue Diamond

Windmere Take My Breath Away

CH Willow Cove's Wildcard

CH Jade Mist Beyond Tradition ROM, ROMC

Willow Cove's Revelation

Windmere Shades Of Summer

CH Carloway Coronado

Windmere Still The One