About Us

          Windmere Shelties started in 1989 with the acquisition of my first sheltie, "Beltane Sashae".
          Having grown up with Collies, I of course loved the look of the "collies in miniature" and 
          knew I had to have one! Barbara Curry, a very respected breeder and AKC
          judge brought her dogs into the animal hospital at which I worked. Knowing how much
          I admired her dogs she offered me a beautiful sable puppy bitch on co-ownership.
          That became the start of  My life with Shelties and I could not have been happier! 
          Barbara and Paul Curry became my friends and mentors.
          They taught me grooming and handling techniques, and allowed me and my little Sheltie
          "Shae" to travel with them to shows to get my feet wet.They also taught me how to lose 
          graciously! Like many, I was instantly bitten by the dog show bug and it still continues
          today. Shelties are, and always will be my passion.  After showing for a few years and 
          having a few litters to get my kennel started, I had to take a Sheltie Hiatus of about ten
          years, to build a house and raise my two boys. Although I did continue to breed a few 
          litters throughout those years, to keep my line moving forward and to have something
          to show, when the time came. Having started in sables, it is hard to get past their 
          beautiful melting faces, but my true love has always been the AOAC's, especially the blues. 
          Today we have a beautiful AOAC line that I am very proud of. All of our dogs are truly
          loved family members first, and show dogs second.

Beltane Sashae (pts)

"Shae", my first sheltie and showdog.